It takes time (but don’t get too comfortable).

In a week, it’ll be 2 months since I completed my apprenticeship at KYN.

Since then, I’ve been going strong at the job hunting game, I try to at least send out two applications every week. The only two I have gotten responses from are actually the top two companies that are on my list of places. However, both replied that they just didn’t have any design positions open at this time, but would keep my application on file (so not complete rejections, which is good).

…but week-by-week, I’m starting to lose track of the places I’ve applied to. I’m also beginning to doubt the efforts that I am putting into coding/designing customized one-page websites that I am submitting as applications. Also doesn’t help that I’m looking to move out of Jacksonville.

Must stay strong.

This isn’t meant to be a livid post, but I guess the frustration is hard to hide here. Not having a set schedule during the week really throws me off. It’s gotten really easy to start slacking and go a day or two without having accomplished anything, but I’m combatting this with fun side projects to keep me occupied in between working on applications. 

Trying not to get too comfortable being “in between jobs,” but I am embracing some of the plus-sides of it, like taking small day trips to Savannah with friends, and planning another trip up to NY in August.

(I should also start blogging about these side projects I keep working on too, since I have the time todo it).

In the meantime, wish me luck!